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Top 5 : Favourite Youtube Pranks

Top 5 : Favourite Youtube Pranks

Pranks are one of my favourite things to watch on Youtube. I know a lot of them are probably fake but it's just like wrestling, you know ? It doesn't have to be real to be entertaining. I don't laugh easily when it comes to prank, the only one who makes me laugh every time is FouseyTube so I'm going to share a lot of his pranks here. Enjoy !

5. Farting Gym Instructor - FouseyTube

I'm sorry, i had to...

Let's move on !

4. The Conjuring 2 : Scariest Two-way mirror prank ever ! - Roadshow Entertainment

I found this one on Twitter, it's very funny ! Especially the end ~

3. Harry Potter Dementor Prank - FouseyTube

Let's not forget this is a book blog so I had to share this video. I mean, seriously Fouseytube is the best !

"Me and my girlfriend, and my girlfriend.

- You and your girlfriend.

- I don't have one *laugh*"

It's silly but I laughed. Come on, it's funny !

3. Happy Ending Massage Prank - FouseyTube

This prank is hilarious. Alex is soooo cute !

1. Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank - FouseyTube

This prank is hilarious, the guy at the end is hilarious !


That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed it.Tell me who your favourite prankster is !

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Lauren @ Always Me 05/10/2016 21:19

I've never seen these before - pretty good! I've always like the time traveling at WalMart ones, Improv Everywhere is always fun to watch. I used to watch Just For Laughs in tv - one of those hidden camera type shows and it was hilarious.