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Tips : School and Reading

Tips : School and Reading

Hello everyone ! September is getting closer and closer and I thought I could share some of my tips with you on how to manage school and reading. I think these tips can be used if you work too. Anyway, let's get started !

1. Focus on what's important

I don't know about you but when I'm in class I'm usually thinking about new releases or what I'm currently reading before even stepping into the class.

My advice would be to concentrate on what you're currently doing. I know I'm going to sound like a teacher but "70% of the work is done in class". The more you listen, the less you'll have to do after school.

2. Use your breaks

I understood the importance of breaks in High School. When all of my friends were hanging out and doing whatever they were doing, I was in the library organizing my notes and writing my flash cards. When I came home, I had nothing or almost nothing left to do so I could dive into a book without feeling guilty.

Another good thing about going to the library during breaks is that you're probably going to meet people you can study with. Unless, you're like me and prefer to study alone.

3. Stop multitasking

I felt so smart when I watched a book and read a movie at the same time (see what I did there ? Ahem...) but in the end I could never remember in details what happened in both and I would take a lot more time doing everything together.

So when you read, just read. You'll take less time doing it and you'll enjoy it a lot more ! Which brings us to the next tips :

4. Cut off the distractions

I know it's a hard one but it'll be worth it. Use "Self Control" or whatever works for you but don't let yourself get distracted. In the end, if you weren't able to do what you wanted to do, you'll be frustrated and that's not what we want. Being stressed out and frustrated during the school year is the worse. I want all of us to be relaxed this year, we can do this guys !

5. Wake up early

I know what you're going to think : "Her post was weird but now it's insane". No one wants to wake up early, especially during the week-ends but I'm just talking about one or two hours earlier than usual. The longer the day, the more things to do, right ?

6. Read short or fast-paced books

If you spend two weeks reading a big book you'll feel like you're not reading anything. So, my advice would be to pick up books you'll read quickly. You'll feel satisfied and you'll get closer to your Goodreads challenge.

7. Bring a book everywhere

Always be prepared, you never know if you're going to have the opportunity to read. I don't know if it's only me but everytime I used to wait for something I realized I didn't have a book with me and I felt like I was wasting time. Now, I always have a book in my bag and that's way better !

8. Don't pressure yourself

Managing everything's hard. It took years to make me find what works for me. But that's because I keep changing details for some reason... Anyway, don't forget to enjoy yourself. Reading shouldn't be a duty but a hobby, remember that... It's deep *pat on the back*. So do what makes you feel comfortable and happy.

I hope these tips will help you. Oh and don't hesitate to tell me what your tips are ! If there's a post you'd like me to do, tell me in the comments or DM me ~

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Sam Frost 26/08/2016 00:35

The not pressuring yourself is the hardest hurdle I had to overcome last year! I would get mad if I didn't finish enough books and I think that constant pressure I was putting on myself to read ruined the experience for me for a while and put me in a pretty deep dry spell for reading. Now that I'm actually reading and relaxing (finally!) I'm reading way more than I did during the months when I pressured myself.

Great advice!

Lauren @ Always Me 24/08/2016 20:01

Much of that about schoolwork can transfer into college. I majored in English Literature so that involved a lot of reading and writing, plus everything for my other classes. I got going on assignments early, and I didn't need to do nearly as many all-nighters as fellow classmates!